• Client: creditcards.com/ Date: 23 August 2017

In a highly competitive credit card marketplace with other big players, such as NerdWallet, LendingTree, and Credit Karma, CreditCards.com needed to stay competitive and constantly strive to provide users with the best experience possible. They did this by investing heavily in improving user experience and constantly iterating and improving their interface to yield increased results and user conversions. We were approached with the task of rethinking, improving, and redesigning CreditCards.com’s entire branding and website. Following our research, we established goals to not only improve their brand identity but to also create a strategy to improve users’ conversion and response rates based on research and brand analysis.

Visual Design

Starting with brand exploration and recognition, we set out to really understand our users and build a strong foundation. Creating a look and feel that conveyed the right message to our users was paramount.

The end

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