• Client: Portero / Date: 23 Dec 2015

With hundreds of professional soccer leagues in the world and multiple games and tournaments happening all year long, soccer is a sport that never stops. The average soccer fan follows more than five professional leagues and four teams across the globe. It can be pretty overwhelming for fans to follow along. To solve this problem, Portero provides an easy-to-use platform where users can access all of this information in one place.


After gathering all the requirements from the client and doing my own research and some competitive analysis, I knew that the user experience for this app should feel intuitive. It should present information in an easy-to-navigate way and should customize the content based on user preferences. From a visual standpoint, the interface should be clean and modern, with a clear hierarchy, simple navigation, and content focus that provides value to the user. Below is a compilation of some high fidelity wireframes. These refined screens are the result of collaboration and process. They show functionality, the path, and dependency between the screens.

Visual Design

After refining and updating the design a few times, this is the final result—a beautifully crafted app for soccer fans everywhere that will surely enhance the way they experience soccer.

The end

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